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A digital library of children’s picture story books

With our unique smart technology children can now embark on a personalized reading journey with interactivity fun. At the same time, children can select books according to their level
Through reading, children can gain valuable knowledge and lessons from the story content and at the same time strengthen their command of English language
Targeted users : Suitable for children aged 3- 14, school teachers, tutors, learning centers and etc
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    • 通过专家选书与分级,解决家长选购儿童图书的问题
    • 通过有趣互动的学习方式,鼓励孩童多阅读
    • 通过大数据与云端科技,让老师轻易的了解学生的阅读情况
    • 通过语音科技的辅助,让图书朗读,录音,自读,阅读评分等更智能化
    • 与多家出版社合作,提供海量图书,每月有新书加入
    • 每个等级每年$12


    • Chosen and categorized by experts, allowing parents to easily choose suitable books for children
    • Encourage children to read more through fun and interactive learning
    • Allow teachers to easily grasp students reading progress through Cloud technology
    • Making reading, recording and pronunciation tests more intelligent by using sound technology support
    • Partnering with many publishers to provide a massive collection of books that increases monthly
    • $12 per year per level


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P1 Normal Chinese, P1 Higher Chinese, P2 Normal Chinese, P2 Higher Chinese, P3 Normal Chinese, P3 Higher Chinese


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