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Product details of HansVision eDictionary PX2181 + Protective Case

  • Approved for use in Chinese Composition Examinations* by SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)
  • Quicker search based on Pinyin Tones and Bu Sou search
  • Additional resources (Eg: 弟子规,唐诗, 宋词,三字经)
  • 获得新加坡考评局批准可带入考场,进行作文考试
  • 提供智能拼音声调辅助输入及部首输入
  • 更多作文辅助功能,例:唐诗,宋词,三字经,弟子规
  1. This electronic dictionary is designed for students. The primary words, interpretations, sentence constructions, and examples are carefully selected and developed by experts to strictly adhere to standards set by the Ministry of Education. This dictionary completely satisfies the students’ demands in their studies and exams.
  2. Though years of extensive experience in Chinese text technology, the search feature is now faster and easier to use. Students can now take full advantage of special search functions such as cross referencing, wildcard searching, searching by Chinese initial consonants or radicals and others.
  3. The contains 12,000 sample sentences that are carefully prepared in accordance to the sentence-constructions standards set by the Ministry of Education. Examples that illustrate the correct usage of units, quantities and punctuation marks are also available. A new feature called ‘zoom in each word’ clearly shows each stroke so that you can see and with each word correctly.
  4. The PX2181 edictionary comes with 16 dot matrix font for clear and complete display that ensures an easier and comfortable reading. Its voice synthesis technology enables Text-to Speech for primary words so you can listen to the correct pronunciation. Also, the dictionary’s huge vocabulary provides better search results.
  5. Come with protective cover, earphones &2 x AAA Batteries
  1. PX2181- 特为中小学精心设计制作:基词、解释、造句、例句等,都根据教育部的准则,由专人严谨制作,完全符合学生的学习与考场使用需求。
  2. 累计多年的中文输入技术,查询简单快速,并提供特殊查字功能,如:跳查,通配符,声母输入,部首输入。
  3. 特别为学生精心编制一万两千条例句,完全符合教育部的造句要求,系统也提供了数量单位词与标点符号的使用方法与例句,供学书参考。新增逐字也有字放大的功能,能清楚显示各个笔画,这样学生不会写错字。
  4. 系统采用16点阵字库,字体的显示清晰,完整,容易阅读;其语音合成科技,能对基词加以发音朗读;内部容量加大,词汇量大大增加,提供更多的词汇查询。
  5. 配套包含了保护套,耳机 & 2 x AAA电池

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