Bundle Promotion – PX2131 + Protective Case (new design)




Product details of HansVision eDictionary PX2131 + Protective Case

  • Approved for use in Chinese Composition Examinations* by SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)
  • Handwriting input method easy for rare words
  • Special search functions such as cross-referencing, wildcard searching, searching by Chinese initial consonants or radicals.
  • 获得新加坡考评局批准可带入考场,进行作文考试
  • 手写输入,全面扫除生词障碍
  • 提供特殊查字功能,如:跳查、通配符、拼音、声母输入,部首输入等
  1. PX2131- Consists of abundant phrases, definitions and usage examples, HansVision is especially designed for students’ daily learning as well as examinations. Students are able to learn and practice more effectively & creatively with its exclusive features such as over 12,000 elaborately designed examples focusing especially on explanatory of phrase usages, punctuations and quantitative descriptions.
  2. With the advanced Chinese input technology, searching now can be fast and easy. You will also experience the enhanced search functions such as cross-referencing, wildcard searching, searching by Chinese initial consonants or radicals, Bu Shou or Handwriting input and others.
  3. The full screen handwriting feature enables you to freely write characters, which are then directly & intelligently recognized. The character input and search experience will be unprecedentedly easy even for rarely used word.
  4. The new screen also features back light display for clearer viewing. The live pronunciation function and the accurate and crisp pronunciation enable you to correctly master the pronunciation details of each word and completely enhance your abilities to fluently listening and speaking Chinese. The newly added polyphonic character feature offers more detailed explanations of each polyphonic character’s pronunciations & meanings.
  5. Come with protective cover, earphones, stylus & 2 x AAA Batteries
  1. PX2131电子词典- 丰富的基词、解释、造句、例句等精彩内容,特别适用于学生学习或在考场上使用。词典收录了12,000条精编例句及标点符号,数量单位等专项内容,配合独特的逐字放大功能,将有效帮助华文学习,活学活用。
  2. 累计多年的智能中文输入技术,查询简单快速,并提供特殊查字功能,如:跳查,通配符,拼音输入,部首输入等。
  3. 全屏幕手写功能,根据书写笔迹智能识别并输入汉字。即便是陌生的冷僻字,输入都将易如反掌,查询更直接。
  4. 提供背光显示功能,字体更显示清楚明显。基词真人发音功能,清晰准确,正确掌控发音细节,掌握词汇读法,提升听说能力。新加多音字处理功能,多音字的音与意解析更明显。
  5. 包含了电子词典保护套,耳机, 手写笔 & 2 x AAA电池

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Weight: 100g

Dimensions: 11 x 7.8 x 1.8 cm