Bundle Promotion – PX2131 + Protective Case (new design)


Bundle Promotion – PX2131 + Protective case
Look up for complicated Chinese characters with Full Screen Handwriting Recognition Capability.
Approved for use in Chinese Composition Examinations by SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) 
Target Users:
For Singapore Primary, Secondary and Junior College students
Allowed for use in government examinations: PSLE, N Level & O Level.


  • 审核批准:获考评局批准可用到2022年
  • 适合年龄:小学,中学,初级学院
  • 输入方式:手写、拼音以及部首部余笔画数输入
  • 产品特点:全屏手写输入
  • 声母输入:如,输入sbgb = 事半功倍,事倍功半……
  • 模糊查找:如,输入不*不*= 不三不四,不卑不亢……
  • 基词朗读:以真人录音
  • 屏幕显示:五行十列,16×16点阵字体
  • 附加配件:耳机,电池……


  • Approved for use by SEAB till 2022
  • Updated information (Eg: Singapore Population)
  • Local Vocabularies (Eg: 组屋,乐龄…)
  • Full screen handwritten input
  • Input by Stylus, Pinyin and Bushou
  • Real life recordings of the phrases and characters
  • Includes earphones and batteries

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 9 cm


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