HansVision PX2202 Learning Kits





  • 中英文双语词典、图解词典等
  • 3000本中英文图书(三年期)
  • 华文作文辅助资源
  • 这是一本学生学习伙伴,专为本地学生设计,内容遵循本地教育需求
  • 10吋屏幕,开机后直接进入学习页面
  • 内含3000本中英文图书(三年期),而且每个月都会加入至少廿本新图书,节省开销
  • 累计阅读点数,可延长阅读期限,鼓励孩童阅读
  • 包含英汉字典、汉汉词典、成语谚语词典、本地词汇词典等
  • 儿童学习图解词典,适合学前孩童学习单词
  • 具拼音(特殊拼音输入功能)、部首、手写输入,文字查找更方便。
  • 适合进行拼音练习与书写练习等
  • 丰富华文作文辅助资源,有助于提高华文写作水平。
  • Chinese to English Bilingual Dictionary, Pictorial Dictionary and more
  • 3000 English and Chinese Pictorial Storybooks (3 year subscription)
  • Chinese composition supporting resources
  • This is a learning partner for students, customized for local students, contents are built according
    to the local educational needs.
  • 10” Display, System automatically goes into learning mode upon bootup
  • Contains 3 year subscription of 500 English and 2500 Chinese pictorial storybooks, at least 20 new books
    are added every month.
  • Gather Wawacoins(reading points) to extend your subscription, encourages reading in children
  • Includes Bilingual Dictionary, Chinese to Chinese Dictionary, Idiom Dictionary and much more
  • Pictorial Dictionary for Children, suitable for pre-school children to learn single phrases
  • Pinyin, Bushow, Handwritten input methods to aid with word searches
  • Suitable for Pinyin and handwriting exercises
  • Rich Chinese coposition resources, helpful in establishing a better Composition writing standard.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 9 cm