HansVision PX2201 (5″) eDictionary


Packaging Content:
One E-dictionary model – PX2201
One set of ear-piece
One USB charging cable
One touch screen stylus
One screen protector
One protective case

E-dictionary – 194g

E-dictionary – 14.8 x 7.5 x 1.1 cm
E-dictionary with protective case: 15 x 9.3 x 1.3 cm



The HansVision™ PX2201 E-dictionary contains rich learning resources, has a Chinese dictionary that is easy to use and can help students better understand Chinese characters. It’s specifically designed for students’ composition writing examinations, approved by the SEAB and can be brought into the examination halls.

The PX2201 features a 5-inch colour display, a compact and pocket-size design that makes it easy to carry with you. It comes bundled with an exclusive protective case that fits around the back of the device and covers the screen to provide protection. The case has a slot for the stylus and the case cover design makes your device look like a stylish dictionary booklet.

HansVision PX2201 E-dictionary, benefiting from foundations of the past, is now more powerful and comes equipped with the latest technology, improved content and application, making it the best writing companion for students. Above all these, PX2201 is ahead of its competitors by including various unique features, not found in other edictionaries:

Main Features:

  • Approved for use in Chinese composition examinations by SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)
  • Compact and portable, with a color screen:
    5-inch color screen, calligraphy fonts, large and clear text, high character count per screen
  • Multiple input methods and full text reading:
    – 3 input methods – HansVision Pinyin, Bushou and Handwriting input, allowing students to choose one that best suit them
    – Smart HansVision Input system includes full Pinyin input, tone input, consonant input, etc., allowing students to search for words/phrases easily
    – Wildcard search function – Using (?) and (*) to search for unknown character(s). (?) to search for one unknown word, (*) to search for multiple unknown words
    – Cross search function – instantly bring up the explanation for any words/phrases highlighted
    – Equipped with voice reading and pronunciation capability
    – Allow zoom-in to bigger font display
  • Carefully curated content:
    30-years history of localized dictionary. Compiled by a panel of experts that have carefully accessed the learning and writing needs of students; commonly used local words such as 新加坡、乐龄、组屋区 are included.
  • New and Innovative dictionary functions:
    In addition to the original Chinese-Chinese dictionary, Chinese idiom dictionary, colloquial dictionary, and the latest vocabulary dictionary, PX2201 includes a new HansVision Picture Dictionary, ideal for visual learners. Together, these make learning Chinese easier for students.
  • Rich resource of content that assists in composition writing:
    PX2201 provides a large number of commonly used phrases and practical references. These include character basic strokes, common radicals, commonly used quantifiers, punctuation, Chinese character structure, famous quotes, etc. The availability of definitions, example phrases/sentences and voice over functions will assist students to learn and enable more effective writing. Also included are classic learning resources such as: Tang poems, Song poems, Di Zi Gui, Three Character Classic, Hundred Family Surnames and so on.





  • 获得新加坡考评局批准可带入考场,进行作文考试
  • 美观实用 彩色屏幕
  • 多种输入 字字朗读
    – 提供汉神智能拼音输入(声母输入、通配符辅助输入、声调辅助输入、切换查找等)、部首输入及手写输入方式,必有一种适合学生使用。无论基词、解释、例句等都有语音朗读功能令学习更有效
    – 字字朗读, 全词典朗读
    – 放大屏幕显示
  • 词典编汇 负责认真
  • 词典功能 推陈出新
  • 作文辅助 资料丰富

PX2201 Video:

Unboxing 开盒介绍 #1_10

Basic Introduction 基本介绍 #2_10

Getting Started 界面介绍开始使用 #3_10

Pinyin Input Method 拼音输入技巧 #4_10

Bushou Input Method 部首输入技巧 #5_10

Handwritten Input Method 手写输入 #6_10

Local Phrases and Pictorial Dictionary 本地词汇与图解学习 #7_10

Composition Writing Tips 字词常识 #8_10

Learning Resources 实用附录 #9_10

System Settings 系统设置 #10_10

  • PX2201 USER GUIDE (English)
  • PX2201 使用手册(中文版)
  • Product Warranty

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