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  • Suitable for Models: PX2051, PX2101, PX2131, PX2181
  • Uses zip mechanism, fully protected
  • Additional Design: External Pouch for batteries and earphone
  • 专为其考试用的汉神电子词典PX2051, PX2101, PX2131, 及PX2181
  • 汉神电子词典保护盒特别设计外部袋子,供放置耳机与后备电池
  • 其他配备:词典以拉链围边,让电子词典全面受到保护,同时中间也提供了压带,起着稳定作用

Suitable for EDictionary Models: PX2051, PX2101, PX2131, PX2181

Type of color: the new designed black, red, and blue protective cover, to provide different colors, make it more beautiful.

Additional Design: External Pouch for batteries and earphone, which solves the problem that the earphones and backup battery have space to be placed.

Other equipment: The pouch is surrounded by zippers, fully protected. In the middle of the belt is provided to play a stabilizing role and slings for students to carry.

描述:“汉神电子词典保护盒”,专为其考试用的汉神电子词典PX2051, PX2101, PX2131, 及PX2181精心设计让电子词典得到最好的保护。




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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 9 cm

Blue, Red, Black