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HansVision eDictionary PX2201

  • Approved for use in Chinese Composition Examinations* by SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)
  • Provides HansVision Pinyin, Bushou and Handwriting input.
  • More dictionaries, Word/Phrase dictionary, Idiom dictionary, Pictorial dictionary, Local phrases and more.
  • 获得新加坡考评局批准可带入考场,进行作文考试
  • 提供汉神拼音、部首与手写输入方式
  • 更多词典、字词词典、成语谚语词典、图解词典、本地词汇等

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Product details of JoyReader Chinese storybooks (1 yr subscription)

  • Wawayaya Joyreader- Allow teachers to easily grasp students reading progress through Cloud technology
  • Making reading, recording and pronunciation tests more intelligent by using sound technology support
  • Partnering with many publishers to provide more than 3000 books and increase monthly
  • 通过大数据与云端科技,让老师轻易的了解学生的阅读情况
  • 通过语音科技的辅助,让图书朗读,录音,自读,阅读评分等更智能化
  • 与多家出版社合作,提供2300多本书图书,每月都会有新书加入

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