AR Magic Chinese


AR Magic Chinese

Compatible with Apple iPad only!!

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  • 适合对象:幼儿园,小一,小二
  • 特色:
  • 为初学华文华语学生打好华文根基
  • 通过互动学习方式,让孩子亲子找字,挑字,认字,识字,同时学会基本字词使用。
  • 通过AR人机互动方式,学习汉语拼音,声母,韵母等。
  • 配合新加坡拼音直呼学习方式而研发。
  • 认识与学习常见的交通工具,动物,鸟类,鱼类,等
  • 学习基本常用词汇
  • 提供配备:基础识字卡100字,声母与韵母卡,拼音卡,图书5本,魔球与底座
  • 注意事项:用户需自备iPad或iPad Mini
  • 价格:只售$69含税


  • Suitable for age group: Pre-school, Primary one, Primary two
  • Features:
  • Builds a solid Chinese foundation for second language learners
  • Allows children to find, choose, identify, read words all by themselves and learn some basic usage of the words.
  • Learn Hanyu Pinyin, Consonants and Vowels by using AR Interaction.
  • Developed according to Singapore teaching curriculum
  • Able to learn basic terms and phrases (Eg: Animals, Transportation, Greeting terms)
  • In the box: 100 basic Chinese Character cards, Consonant and Vowel cards, Pinyin Card, 5 pictorial books, AR Magic Ball and Stand
  • Things to note: User must own an iPad or iPad Mini
  • Price: Retails at $69 with GST

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 10 cm


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