500 English Storybooks


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  • Allow teachers to easily grasp students reading progress through Cloud technology
  • Make reading, recording and pronunciation tests more intelligent by using sound technology support
  • Partner with many publishers to provide more than 500 books and more books will be added monthly
  • Individual account – $ 65 / year
  • Group account – $ 450 / year (1 teacher + 10 students)
  • 通过大数据与云端科技,让老师轻易的了解学生的阅读情况
  • 通过语音科技的辅助,让图书朗读,录音,自读,阅读评分等更智能化
  • 与多家出版社合作,提供500多本图书,每月都会有新书加入
  • 个人账号$65/年
  • 班级账号$450 (1老师+10学生)

  1. WaWaYaYa Joyreader app has innovative functions such as: text to speech, e-dictionary, character stroke sequence and bilingual translation.
  2. By Grade Classification: Students can select which books to read according to their level of understanding so as to enhance the learning experience.
  3. By Themes: Students can select books according to their interest in themes, like Fairy Tales, School, Myths, Growing up, Outdoors, Science and many more.
  4. By Series/Publishers: Wide selection of titles from over 50 world-renowned publishers.
  1. 《爱读》 APP 提供了丰富的汉字和语言的学习功能:语音朗读,汉字学习,词汇解释,双语对照等丰富的功能。
  2. 按照语言难度把图书分为级
  3. 按照内容主题分为家庭,学校,户外,环保,童话,神话,科普
  4. 按图书系列分类

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