Joyreader Member Redemption



How to redeem? ?


  1. 确保有超过 2000 WaWa币(请看上图)
  2. 发电邮请注明:用户名字,联络电话号码,电邮, 请发到 :<>
  • 用户可以自己来领取奖品
  • 也可以选择我们寄送出去(需达到3000 WaWa币)

Only 2 steps:

  1. Make sure WaWa Coin is more than 2000 (Please see the above picture)
  2. Before sending the e-mail please write down: User Name, Contact Number, and E-mail, and  please e-mail to: <>
  • User can self-collect or
  • We send over to your location (Need 3000 WaWa Coin)