Q. Why is the touch screen not sensitive?

A. Our dictionary uses a pressure tip sensor to detect the input. A little pressure is required to allow more accurate detection.

Q. Why is the on/off button lower than others?

A. This is to prevent accidental pressing of the button and wasting battery life with the device turned on constantly.

Q. Why is there no sound when I press the “发音” key?

A. As this is an examination model, please put on your earphones to listen to the vocalization.

Q. How do I enlarge the character?

A. Press the ‘right arrow key’ and the character will be highlighted. You will see a flashing “key” beside the screen in the explanation page, and may press ‘* ‘ to have the character enlarged.

Q. How do I use my new e-Dictionary?

A. Please click the below links to download your respective user guides.
PX2131 (Chinese)
PX2131 (English)

Q. How can I know more of the functions of my e-dictionary?

A. Any functions related to the e-dictionary is included in the user guide, please download and go through the guide.
User Guide for PX2131
User Guide for PX2181

Q. My device seems to be faulty, what do I do?

A. Please reach out to us +65 62561393 and we will assist you with the steps you should take.

Q. Which versions of Microsoft Windows does Hansvision DXT V11 supports?

A. Hansvision DXT V11 supports Windows7 to Windows10.

Q. Must I install the patch file included in the Hansvision DXT V11 disc?

A. Yes, the patch file allows Hansvision DXT to include Pinyin Add-ins in Microsoft Word (up to MsWord 2016)

Q. How do I add pinyin in Microsoft Word?

A. After typing in a Chinese character, highlight the character/ paragraph and click on Add-ins > Add PinYin.

Q. If Microsoft Word does not support Pinyin Add-ins, what should I do?

A. We have a built in software known as Hansword where the interface is similar to Microsoft Word. You may use the program to write Chinese characters and add in PinYin to your text.

Q. How do I install and login into the Wawayaya Joyreader account?

A. Please click here to find the installation guide.

Q. How many mobile devices can I install Joyreader on?

A. You can install on as many mobile devices as you like. However, only one account can be logged in at once.

Q. How many books are in the Joyreader Library?

A. There are currently around 2050 Chinese Books and 500 English Books in the library. There will be at least 20 new books added every month.

Q. Can I download it on my mobile phone?

A. Yes, just head over to the Appstore or Playstore and search for WawaYaya Joyreader.

Q. How to install JoyReader Application?

A. Android user get app by clicking here