About Us

About Us 关于我们  “让教学更生动,让学习更有效”

Creative Knowledge Labs Pte Ltd started out from Creative Technology Pte Ltd in Singapore, belonging to the Chinese Software department, specialising in this trade for over 20 years.


The current Creative Knowledge Labs Pte Ltd Headquarters is set in Beijing. Being the operation lead of Creative Knowledge Labs, they inherited the values such as ‘Improving lives by Technology’ and years of research from Creative Technology. Having achieved breakthroughs in speech recognition technology, Language Processing, Online Language assessment models, interactive educational technology and over 80 patents.


Creative Knowledge Labs combined technology with publishing, creating digitalised storage building, updating the form and developments of digital teaching materials and digital reading products. By using technology to educate, inducing a new concept of education, completing solutions for digitalised pictorial reading products, conceptualized digital books and virtual learning models, collected a rich and matured database of online educational platforms with operational models.


Creative Knowledge Labs Pte Ltd (Singapore) is responsible for spreading our products and plans throughout Southeast Asia, cooperating with local partners, tailoring our products to suit local needs and to receive our customer’s trust and favour.


现今总部设在北京的创而新(北京)教育科技有限公司,为创而新科技教育集团的领头羊,她继承了创新科技“以科技创造新生活”的价值基因和深厚的技术积累,在自然语言处理、语音辨识科技、在线语言测评模型、教育互动技术等方面取得新突破,拥有超过 80 项专利与软件著作权。