iFlashBook e-Prepaid Card
A Systematic Chinese Learning Solution
  • Targeted users:
  • For Primary School students
  • Works on:
  • HansVision 知慧本 and Play & Learn tablets*, Windows PC (Microsoft® Windows® & IE explorer)
*Some iFlashBook subscriptions can only be viewed on Windows PC, for more information please visit www.iFlashBook.com.
A wide range of interactive books and question banks are available for subscription. The iFlashBook platform provides students with a complete learning solution: 1.Self Learning, 2.Practise & Test, 3. Analyze & Improve.

Interactive Books: Self Learning

Watch as our local Primary School Chinese Textbook comes alive with animations and read-along recordings!
Human voice read aloud function and picture animation
Animated stroke sequences for every Chinese character
Integrated contextual dictionary
Point and Read

Question Banks: Practise & Test

The quality supply of questions will guide your children in self revision, measure their mastery of Chinese language and keep them well prepared for exams!
Examine the learning progress and prepare your child for exams!
Customize question types and reorganize test papers for your own exercises

Analysis Report: Analyze & Improve

Make improvements effortlessly by understanding the children’s weakness and focus on correcting them.
The system records and analyses the results automatically. A report will be presented in a clear, graphical format.
Understanding your child’s weakness and focus on correcting them through practicing.

iFlashBook e-Prepaid Card


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